Choosing a Swim Spa

How to Choose a Swim Spa

A swim spa can offer a lot of different activities.

Is the Swim Spa for Swimming, Aquatic Exercise, Relaxing or Partying?

Most swim spas will let you do all of the above but some are more orientated to exercise, some to relaxation.

If you think that you might swim some but mainly you want to be able to play with the kids, a shallower water depth and less expensive current generation system could be the best choice.

If relaxation is important, you will probably want a generous supply of massage jets. Molded seats ensure you are not pushed out of position by the currents. If you want to invite your friends, the more seats the better. 

For underwater exercise machines you will need a solid, durable, flat base. Fiberglass or stainless steel give the most secure base.

There are a lot of attractive extra features to look out for like aromatherapy, LED and fiber optic lighting, water falls, built in stereos, air blowers etc.

How is the Water Current Generated?

For serious swimmers, the way the current is generated is one of the most important considerations.

The first swim spa manufactured was the Swimex. It still has one of the best ways of generating a current to swim against. A large paddle wheel at the back of the swim spa draws a wide, deep current of water through the spa ensuring a laminar, chop-free flow. You will have no trouble staying afloat and no white water to battle against.

The Swimex uses a paddle wheel to deliver a powerful current with little turbulence.
Propellers can also generate a steady water flow but it is not as deep and wide as a paddle generated current. The advantage is that the system is cheaper to manufacture and propeller systems are often found in mid-price swim spas. Endless Pools, H2X and Swimmers Edge all use propeller systems.

Swim jets create water flow with the most turbulence. Manufacturers are constantly adjusting how swim jets perform to make sure the current provides buoyancy as well as resistance but they still offer the least enjoyable experience.

Resistance Tether Swim Spas

It is possible to swim in place using an elastic tether attached to the swimmers body. This is a system used by many athletes for endurance training. The drawback is the turbulence and waves created by the swimmer. 

Swimergy have a specially designed pool to suppress waves.

 Cal Spas  offer a tether system in some of their swim spas.

The Shell

Swim spa shells are usually made of fiberglass or acrylic. Fiberglass shells can split or the layers can separate if they are not well made (‘one piece construction’ manufacture is best).

Acrylic shells will not split and are very durable as long as the framing is sufficiently strong. Acrylic reinforced with fiberglass is the most rigid.

Bradford swim spas are made of stainless steel with tile overlays. They are very durable but also expensive and usually only an option for hydrotherapy centers and resorts.
Ozone Generator?

A swim spa with a built in ozone generator needs little chemical input or maintenance time to stay fresh and safe to use.
Running Costs

The big expense is heating. If you are going to use the swim spa as a hot tub outdoors, at around 95 degrees, it will eat up the electricity in cooler weather. If you are happy with about 80 degrees- a good workout temperature- it will be pretty economical from spring to fall.

Swim Spas with separate spa and swimming areas like the H2X Momentum and Swimmer’s Edge Duo can save money. There is no need to heat a large volume of water for a relaxing soak!

An indoor installation will not add too much to electrical costs if the room is already being heated.

Solar power heating is a very practical way and economical way to heat any pool or spa.
In Ground or Above Ground?

Most above ground swimming spas situated outside need a four inch concrete base to rest on plus an electrical and water supply. They can be finished with side panels or built into decks.

If you want to install in-ground, it is worth getting a firm price from a local contractor for site preparation before you purchase. Remember to think about local codes for safety issues.

Wet Testing

If you live near a swim spa dealer they will be happy to let you slip into a bathing suit and try out their swim spas!.


Swim Spa Covers

Most swim spas come with a floating thermal cover or simple wind-over vinyl cover to help retain heat and keep out debris. The problem is that these really fall short of doing the job. That’s why we recommend the SpaCap Swim spa cover from 

It is light enough to be handled easily, and yet insulates far better than any foam filled swim spa cover. It is the only Swim Spa Covers available factory direct offering a wide range of Sunbrella Marine Fabric colors.

Eight Reasons to Begin Swimming

Yes, the treadmill is enjoyable therefore are those pinheads, but it could be simple to obtain stuck in a workout rut. If you’re trying to find a total-body regimen that sheds a lots of calories (and also does not include having to take on the freezing cold by any means), give swimming a shot. From toning your core to accelerating your metabolic rate, right here are eight factors why it’ll be your new go-to form of workout– all year long.

Swimming tackles whatever from sculpting your back to toning your arms– all without having to choose up a weight. Instead compared to requiring a plan to function certain muscular tissues, all 4 strokes function to reinforce your entire body.
The Ultimate Strength Training Guide

2. It’s joint-friendly. If you’re recovering from an injury and also are anxious to develop stamina, after that check out beginning a swimming regimen to remain fit. If running is your passion, then swimming is an excellent method to exercise on recuperation days, approving knees a remainder from the pavement.

You don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars to swim. Also if you do decide to add more equipment, they are rather inexpensive, and opportunities are your regional pool has a couple of convenient.

It’s a wonderful means to melt calories. Those reports about swimmers and calorie intake aren’t incorrect: A hr of moderate swimming could burn around 500 calories.

5. There are several variants. When it comes to the pool, the exercises are countless. Past all 4 strokes, you can kick, draw, or also utilize the wall for pushups. Order a close friend and also try this interval exercise.

Stay clear of an elliptical exerciser or fitness center course exhaustion by trading your typical exercise for the pool. A swim session will in fact improve general efficiency at the health club (and vice versa).

7. It optimizes your cardio. Swimming is the utmost cardiovascular activity. There is even more breath control contrasted to running, thus a boosted demand for oxygen, creating your muscle mass to work more difficult. Since of this, you could obtain more bang for you throw in a brief amount of time.

Jumping right into a pool is enjoyable, as well as you absolutely don’t require to be a professional to reap the advantages and appreciate on your own. You’ll stroll away with a nice endorphin kick.

Keep in mind when it’s time to replace your Swim Spa Covers, is the best to obtain a custom-made made, lightweight, easy to use cover.

Regardless of what dimension Swim Spa you ultimately decide is ideal for you, you’ll need a Swim Spa Cover to go on it. For the majority of people this begins as an after thought however this will be a vital to whether you continuously use it or otherwise.

Typical foam filled up Swim Spa Covers are simply much more sections of the usual hot tub covers. A saturated Due to the fact that of the included elevation of a Swim Spa, a saturated hot tub cover is poor enough however filled SSwim Spa Covers can be downright unsafe.

Plus several proprietors aim to play “music chairs” with the sections that end up being as well heavy to raise, opening up just the areas they could still take care of. This is a recipe for catastrophe to state the least.

At they have actually been constructing light-weight, easy to make use of, customized Swim Spa Covers for years. Several women proprietors report that they have the ability to open their SpaCap Swim Spa Cover with one hand!

The secret to long-term gain from your Swim Spa investment is simple gain access to. , if you have to go out and struggle with a saturated foam cover you are going to make use of the spa much less as well as much less.

Don’t let this take place to you. Get the most from your Swim Spa for years ahead. Check out today and also get a Swim Spa Cover you’ll be able to deal with for several years to find.

I’m Killing My Back Taking My Hot Tub Cover Off!

A swim spa cover is heavy and bulky. Simply ask anybody who has actually tried to remove one by themselves. If you are physically strong a stiff breeze can capture the big flat surface area and the hot tub cover can easily get away from you, even. Getting rid of a typical hot tub cover is best managed by two individuals. You need to consider a Hot Tub Cover Lift if you utilize your tub alone or are not physically strong enough to battle it off your swim spa.

Or better yet consider a cover that doesn’t employ rigid foam panels that can become saturated and heavy. The SpaCap cover is lightweight and built to stay that way. Many swim spa owners report that they can remove their SpaCap swim spa covers with one hand. No lifter required.

A cover lift is a mechanical device that attaches to the swim spa cabinet body or deck and is created to assist you remove your swim spa cover. There can be different techniques of operation but they all permit someone to easily and safely remove the cover from their swim spa. Providing the foam is not saturated. What happens then is the lifter mechanism will either tear the cover in half because the fabric hinge is not meant to handle the weight of saturated foam or worse, the lifter will be torn off the side of the hot tub.

Cover lifts can also serve one other function, and that’s of storage while you are using your hot tub. Even if you do have a deck, you may not want a huge hot tub cover obstructing the method.

The easiest is a “slide”, which is a platform made of 2 metal or wooden rails. You flip back your cover and slide it straight back onto the arms. Simple and fast, with absolutely nothing to wear – except for perhaps that pricey brand-new hot tub cover you’ve simply purchased. The friction of sliding the spa cover backward and forward might eventually harm the vinyl covering so this is something you need to enjoy thoroughly.

Or again you could just eliminate the need for a lifter by getting the only kind of cover that uses air instead of foam to insulate. A cover that is as easy to use as taking a fluffy comforter off a bed. Something designed by a single woman so she could use her hot tub by herself. The only swim spa cover that comes in Sunbrella Marine Fabric instead of vinyl. Imagine having a cover thats not only lightweight but that can match your decor. But lets keep going with the whole cover lifter idea.

Another variety stores the folded hot tub cover in a vertical position so that it blocks the view on one side. Make sure that the cover can be locked in the up position so there is no danger it can fall back down, injuring someone.

Wait did that just say the cover could fall on you while your in the spa? That’s like the opposite of helpful.

A 3rd kind of lift assists you to remove the swim spa cover and holds the folded cover behind the spa. It sometimes takes a bit more effort to operate this kind, and you do have to have about a foot of clearance behind the spa for the cover. But the lower profile gets rid of the issue of an obstructed view.

This is also the most common type of cover lifter sold. What anyone can tell you is that it doesn’t help you fold the cover over the first time. So if the cover is too heavy to lift, it isn’t going to help you at all. And when they say, “It takes a little more effort to operate” it may qualify as the biggest understatement of the year.

One product to research study carefully is whether the lift you are thinking about locations tension on center hinge of your hot tub cover. This hinge is normally not developed to carry the full weight of the cover in a hanging position, and some type of lifts can put a genuine strain on it.

Lifts are crafted to fit many different spa sizes and most swim spa cover lifts can be installed by the property owner using tools you would generally have around your house.

Cover lifts can likewise serve one other function, and that’s of storage while you are using your hot tub. Even if you do have a deck, you might not want a big hot tub cover blocking the way.

After investing thousands of dollars on a swim spa, cover, chemicals, and operation costs, spending a few hundred dollars more for a cover lift will make your swim spa experience and the strain on your back much less stressful.

If you use your tub alone or are not physically strong enough to battle it off your spa, you need to consider a hot tub cover Lift. Or better yet, think about getting a cover that won’t get heavy or break. Something like say the SpaCap

The friction of moving the spa cover back and forth might ultimately harm the vinyl covering so this is something you have to watch carefully.

A third type of lift assists you to remove the hot tub cover and holds the folded cover behind the spa. One product to research thoroughly is whether the lift you are thinking about locations tension on center hinge of your hot tub cover. Cover lifts can also serve one other function, and that’s of storage while you are using your hot tub.

Hot Tubs and Spas/ Wellness Advantages

Hot Tubs and Spas/ Wellness Advantages

Periodically, we locate one of those life possessions that are both helpful for you as well as satisfying. Unlike your the very least favored steamed eco-friendlies, hot tubs are participants of this uncommon category. Not only is a hot tub enjoyable as well as relaxing, it also has a number of health and wellness benefits. Continue reading for more information about the reasons taking in a hot tub benefits your wellness.

Leisure. For individuals with high stress lives, it is very important to pause every now and then. A great soak will soothe aching muscular tissues, while the massaging jets lower stress in the back and body. In addition, the buoyancy used by hot tubs lowers the should tax any kind of part of the body, which could also relieve built-up anxiety.
Arthritis alleviation. Buoyancy isn’t really only good for anxiety. By decreasing 90 percent of body weight with buoyancy, hot tubs take stress off joints, which eases the symptoms of joint problems such as joint inflammation, fibromyalgia, and also others. Routine sessions will certainly additionally aid joints stay flexible as well as solid.
Boosted cardiovascular health. Warmth from the tub creates an effect called vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels, which boosts circulation. The hot tubs warm water additionally generates an effect much like exercising by enhancing the heart rate while reducing high blood pressure. They have a comparable impact on people with type 2 diabetic issues and could assist decrease blood sugar.
Much better sleep. Inning accordance with research studies, taking in hot tub water prior to bedtime can produce better sleep, especially in those who battle to drop off to sleep or wake up throughout the evening. Kicking back in hot water increases your internal temperature level. When you exit the hot tub, your body’s thermostat will certainly decrease your temperature, which assists to induce rest. For ideal results, attempt saturating for 15 to 90 mins before you go to sleep.

In order for your hot tub to become a routine, you need to have the ability to do it quickly often. Heavy, awkward Hot Tub Covers will certainly keep you from having the ability to gain access. Do not let a cheap Spa Cover, be the reason you quit using your hot tub.

At they have actually been developing lightweight, custom Hot Tub Covers that are easy to use, as well as developed to remain in this way.

Have a look at the world’s ideal Spa Cover at

Discovering Your Hot Tub’s Perfect Balance

Keeping your hot tub in tip-top shape requires occasional upkeep as well as care. One of one of the most crucial points to do is to drain and also re-fill your hot tub consistently. However, there is a great line between not draining enough and draining frequently. Let’s take a look at how to tell when the time is right.

Prevent Draining Too Often

While draining and refilling your hot tub often (think once every pair days approximately) isn’t going to damage the hot tub, it’s a big waste of your time; in addition to a waste of water. Figure in current problems like drought in specific parts of the country to keep in mind the importance of conscientiousness water use.

Drain Frequently Enough

On the other hand, not draining your hot tub usually enough could create unsanitary issues and also seriously hinder your capacity to take advantage of your investment. It is essential to drain on an ideal routine to avoid microbial development, potential infections on the skin as well as in the ears, mold and mildew, movies on the water, and other unpleasant issues.

If you discover any one of these signs, it’s time to drain and also refill:

  • Foamy, filmy, or stained hot tub water.
  • Water that smells “off” or uncommon at all.
  • Mold build-up from lack of hot tub usage.

It is essential to think about how many bathers tend to utilize the hot tub at the same time, as well as just how typically they use it. To figure out just how these factors suit, think about not only how commonly you use your tub but likewise how you utilize it.

Even more individuals utilizing your spa implies you will certainly need to include more chemicals to the water. You will certainly likewise need additional chemicals if your spa is made use of often. This includes more substance to the spa, needing it to be drained pipes more frequently. Estimate based upon your spa’s ability in gallons, the amount of people use the spa at the same time, and exactly how typically they utilize it.

We would certainly be remiss if we really did not discuss that Hot Tub Covers are a need to for maintaining your spa water in equilibrium. Assist keep your spa when not being used by shielding it with a durable, lightweight spa cover from!

Hot Tub Accessories for Security as well as Fun

From the enjoyable to the useful, just what’s a hot tub without devices? Whether it’s aromatherapy to boost your hot tub experience or hammocks to urge leisure, the alternatives are endless. Allow’s dive in and have a look at several of the leading hot tub accessories you never ever recognized you required.

Devices You Need

Make your hot tub an extra pleasurable financial investment by including the following accessories to your collection:

Pillows and also cushions.

Your hot tub is expected to be comfortable and also relaxing, right? Well, that isn’t constantly the situation after soaking for a couple of mins. The hard seats and also support can be uneasy and often compels you to cut your time brief. Thanks to spa cushions as well as cushions, you can sit comfortably for as long as you like.

Floating audio speakers

Who doesn’t like to pay attention to a little songs while they kick back in the hot tub? However, it’s frequently difficult to operate an iPod or stereo near water. The service? Floating audio speakers that are risk-free, water resistant, as well as sound terrific.

Spa fragrances

Love your hot tub but not a big fan of the chlorine scent? Spa fragrances are becoming rather preferred as well as can be included in the water for a relaxing, relaxing, and also invigorating experience. Some fragrances are wonderful for hydrating the skin.

Spa steps

Safety should constantly be a consideration with your hot tub. For senior grownups as well as individuals with wheelchair concerns, climbing up into the hot tub can be unsafe as well as precarious. Luckily, there are items that make it simpler and also safer. Consider acquiring spa steps to lower the chance of drops and various other relevant injuries.

In addition to these 4 accessories, think about a substitute Hot Tub Cover that will make having your spa also better, the Next Generation of Spa Cover from Their cutting edge Hot Tub Cover is very easy to eliminate, doesn’t break or saturate, never flies away, and withstands the components– including hail and snow. If you’re not using your hot tub because taking the Spa Cover off and placing it back on is way too much of an inconvenience it’s time for a modification. For more information, browse through

Hot Tub Aromatherapy: 6 Favorite Scents

Among the most effective facets of possessing a hot tub is the leisure it gives. There’s nothing rather like a calming dip to assist sore muscle mass and reduce tension. You can take the relaxation up a notch with these 6 aromatherapy aromas, which are recognized to help minimize tension, calm irritation, enhance mood, and a lot more.


With its minty aroma and pleasing scent, rosemary is a favored aromatherapy scent for numerous. It is believed to promote the mind, improve mental efficiency, and also supply a power increase. Incorporate the benefits of rosemary with the increased blood circulation from the warm water and also you’ll leave feeling refreshed as well as invigorated.


The scent of lemon has actually long been among the most efficient as well as favored aromatherapy remedies. Benefits consist of improving memory, increasing power, easing anxiety, and promoting creativity. Referred to as an “uplifting aroma,” it readies to always have lemon accessible.


Not only does pepper mint scent fantastic, but it also has incredible therapeutic residential or commercial properties. Peppermint oil is recognized for soothing mental fatigue, enhancing memory, as well as promoting alertness. This is one of one of the most popular aromatherapy fragrances.


One of one of the most one-of-a-kind aromatherapy fragrances is sandalwood. This cozy aroma is utilized to promote relaxation, calm nerves, and minimize anxiousness. Some assert it has emotionally enhancing residential properties.


Feeling unhealthy? Eucalyptus is typically used to open the bronchial flows and sinuses. It’s also a powerful relaxant and could eliminate migraines, mental fatigue, and other pains as well as pains.


No list of aromatherapy fragrances is complete without lavender. This staple aroma has been utilized for centuries to promote relaxation and also calm the nerves.


At, They believe your hot tub needs to be one of the most enjoyable part of your day. In addition to including these 6 aromatherapy aromas to your collection, take into consideration the future generation of spa covers hot tub covers are the most cutting edge hot tub covers on the marketplace as well as will certainly forever alter the method you save as well as secure your hot tub.

Hot Tub Maintenance Made Easy

Possessing a hot tub is among life’s best unique satisfactions– however the satisfaction will entirely container if your hot tub contains bugs, mildew, or poor quality water. All hot tub owners must properly take part in hot tub maintenance to guarantee sanitary usage and also minimize the risk of harmful showering. Hot tub upkeep is very easy– especially when you make use of products you already have in your house.

Disinfect the water.
Ensure your water is sterilized to prevent algae growth as well as to eliminate any kind of microorganisms your tub could be harboring. The best sanitizers for hot tub water are minerals like salt or copper which are much more secure to use than chlorine or bromine which are caustic that could damage your skin or devices; which one you use relies on your local water chemistry. We advise Pristine Blue (copper) to every one of our customers.Check up on your water cleanliness occasionally with a test strip, and also oxidize each week or so to get rid of oils, hairsprays, and other chemicals that may have gotten in. To keep water cleaner longer, place a tennis round in the skimmer or right into the water to bring in oils and also lotions and stop them from going into the filters.

Clean out the filters.
By cleaning your hot tub’s filters monthly, you’ll guarantee your spa remains secure and also hygienic. Obtain the filters and spray with a high pressure water stream. If the filters show buildup of oils, soak them initially in filter cleaner (or straightforward meal detergent) and cozy water, and after that spray and reattach.

Drain on schedule.
Swimming pool as well as hot tub cleansing professionals insist the significance of draining the tub every 3 months. When the water is drained, cover the reduced return inlets (we advise routine household products like panty hose) to stop particles from recirculating. Do a detailed clean of the sides as well as base of the tub before refilling.

Cover it up.
A hot tub cover will certainly guard your tub from dust, bits, and also other debris. It will certainly also assist ensure security, stopping kids from falling in, in addition to keeping warmth from running away. A hot tub cover is anything however optional, and a top quality spa cover like those offered at will last for years. We urge you to go to and also acquire a custom-made hot tub cover on your spa. Every one they make is developed to last, will certainly insulate much better than a normal rigid foam spa cover Plus it will not damage or get hefty like other hot tub covers.

With proper upkeep, your hot tub could provide satisfaction for several years to come!

Where to Put Your Hot Tub

If you’ve made a decision to get a hot tub, congratulations! You’re well on your way to lots of hours of lengthy relaxation as well as pleasure. Do not forget to think about positioning, nevertheless; where you place your hot tub will certainly dictate your level of enjoyment for many years ahead. There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when making this important choice.

Accessibility It may appear obvious yet the long-term enjoyment of your spa will be mainly identified by exactly how very easy it is to get into and also out of. Ensure you leave sufficient room around the spa to remove as well as replace the hot tub cover. Do not push the spa right into a nook where you can just approach it from one side.
Inside your home or outdoors? When picking whether to place your tub inside the house or outside, consider the pros and cons of both choices. If space isn’t an issue, an indoor hot tub benefits from decreased exposure to the components, benefit, as well as personal privacy. Cons consist of tracking water outside the bathtub along with potential draining pipes or leakage issues harming your home.When putting a hot tub outside, it will certainly be subjected to outside debris, such as vegetation, dirt, as well as bugs. When not being used, it’s crucial to safeguard your bathtub with a top quality cover. Leakage or water drainage concerns on the outside are typically less bothersome than with an interior bathtub, and also there are many more placement options readily available if you determine to place it outdoors.
To Sink or Not To Sink Several spa owners intend to put the spa sunken right into a deck. The idea being the spa will certainly be easy to use. A lot more unintentional drownings entailing children happen in flush deck installed medical spas. This decreases significantly if the spa is only partially sunken, bench high. It still makes it easy to get in and out and can make fuming tub covers on and off very easy too.
Surface area A spa packed with water will be heavy, so it should be placed on a structurally audio surface. This will sustain the weight of the bathtub, the water, and also human residents. Positioning your hot tub on an irregular surface establishes it for damage and may void your service warranty.
Drain Guarantee your outdoor spa has appropriate drainage so any kind of spillage or rain will certainly not merge around it, creating possible damages.
Access to power Ahead of time, plan for correct access to your circuit panels as well as power source to guarantee appropriate heating. A top quality hot tub cover will certainly maintain warm inside.
Proximity to home If it’s outdoors, your tub should be near your backdoor for convenience’s benefit; nobody wishes to traipse across the lawn in heavy rain or snow to access a hot tub. It ought to be close to a bathroom for altering and also drying out off, as well as to water spigots for filling. Close distance to your residence will certainly likewise give you a better view of the lawn.
Lets not neglect to deal with the hot tub cover A spa cover will safeguard your hot tub from dirt, particles, and also various other debris. It will also assist ensure safety and security, preventing kids from accidentally gaining access, in addition to keeping warmth from leaving. A hot tub cover is anything yet optional, and also a high quality spa cover will last with normal cleansing. Naturally we would certainly urge you to use a custom-made hot tub cover on your spa. Every one they make is constructed to last, will protect much better compared to a regular rigid foam cover plus it won’t break or get heavy.

Hot Tub Safety

A hot tub or spa is a great way to loosen up, enabling the jets to calm sore muscle mass and also the heat to cover you. Particularly, spa use during the winter months is among one of the most delightful periods for immersing the body in cozy water. Read on to find out more concerning Hot Tub Safety for all hot tub individuals.

One of the most typical threat of hot tubs, according to the CPSC, is drowning. Around 20% of drownings occur with children under five years old.

Just what to do: Hot tub owners ought to constantly maintain the hot tub covered with a lockable cover when it’s not being used. Always keep kids far from the hot tub when a grownup is not offered to monitor.
Make use of a lightweight cover: As weird as it seems several Hot tub proprietors are injured or drowned under a heavy hot tub cover When a common foam spa cover ends up being too much of a hassle to get rid of right off the spa, several owners simply lean it back against a nearby wall. However when the spa cover falls back onto the spa suddenly an injury to the head or neck could occur and in some circumstances create sinking. This has never occurred even once in the last thirty years with a air filled hot tub cover

Hair complication is one more safety and security danger. This takes place when a hot tub individual’s hair is drawn right into the spa’s suction installation, or is allured by the drainpipe cover while water is drawn in. Because of this, the CSPC has actually established a standard for drain covers to reduce this risk; still, hot tub customers should ensure safety.

Just what to do: Make sure your spa has proper drains and also drainpipe covers approved by updated safety criteria. Bathers with longer locks must always connect their hair approximately more lower the danger.

Several deaths have actually taken place as a result of water that is as well hot. A high temperature can make you sleepy, which can lead to falling asleep or passing out.

What to do: Keep the temperature level of your hot tub at 104 levels Fahrenheit (40 levels Celsius) or less. If you are a pregnant woman, stay out of the warmth, and also make sure to maintain youngsters under 5 away from hot water too.

Finally, grownups who consume alcohol while using a hot tub put themselves at significant danger. Alcohol triggers dehydration, which integrated with the bathtub’s heat can cause light-headedness, queasiness, confusion, wooziness, and also in the most awful situations, coma or fatality.

Just what to do: Don’t drink before or throughout use your spa.

By adhering to the above tips when using your hot tub, you’ll ensure a safer, extra relaxing time for all participants.